CFE 2017: A new conference style

By Norman Chambers, managing director

The eighth Commercial Finance Expo is now only a month away and will feature a new style of conference, with panels tackling the three topics we think are the most critical to commercial finance brokers in the second half of the year.

We’re expecting lively debate and plenty of disagreement, and we will also be dishing out good advice, so attendees should come along to as many of these conferences as they can.

First, in ‘The changing face of buy-to-let’ we will be looking at how tax changes over the past 18 months have affected landlords and how those changes have reshaped the landscape. How much of an effect have the changes really had and where do we go from here?

Later in the morning, we will be asking ‘What’s so special about specialist finance?’. With alternative lenders often being set up and led by experienced managers from high street banks, the flow of ideas is beginning to work both ways with big, established names showing clear signs of being influenced by their supposedly more flexible, smaller rivals. So can clients now get the same products and treatment from the non-specialists? We will hear several different views.

In the afternoon, we will ask ‘Will my office pass the regulatory exam?’. Our focus on compliance and the launch of the NACFB Compliance Services has given us a unique perspective on what’s really going on in our brokers’ offices, and we know what sort of thing gives brokers headaches most regularly. So we have got some very useful tips to share with our audience.

We’ve already sold more than 120 exhibitor stands and, of course, we are still taking visitor bookings. Doors open at 9.30am on June 21st. Interested parties can register at I hope to see a lot of you there.