Information matters

By Graham Toy, CEO

When I first became aware of the NACFB about 15 years ago, it was from the perspective of a lender. Now my perspective has necessarily changed. One of the more challenging parts of the CEO role is to balance the needs of lenders and brokers in a way that’s fair to all.

Industry overviews, networking opportunities, updates on products and success stories help all of us do our jobs better. At the same time, we do receive feedback from our brokers when they accuse us of oversharing. For some people, there is such a thing as too much e-mail traffic.

This is interesting, because not one single Member has ever argued that our monthly magazine is too large, for example. At 50-60 pages per month, they might be justified in forming that opinion! But if you took the content of those pages and sent each page out as an e-mail, Members would be getting two or three every day, in addition to the communications we already send out.

That’s when I suspect some of our Members would write, asking us to send less.

So the information isn’t the problem. The challenge is the medium. And it’s a reminder that the NACFB always needs to consider how it shares announcements and news stories with its Members.

The important matter for me is to ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to know what we are up to. If that means regular prompts about where to read more about us then so be it.

This e-newsletter contains links to our magazine and other news items regarding our Patrons, and if you’re one of those readers who only reads this e-newsletter part of the website, I would encourage you to branch out a little. We work with nearly 140 lenders, so if you are only following what six of them have to say at any one time, you might be missing a lot.

Don’t forget that I’m keen to hear from brokers who have an opinion on what I should be consolidating, or changing, from the privileged position of CEO. I promise to listen and to respond!

Warm regards,

Graham Toy, CEO