Ashley Finance: bespoke solutions, minimum fuss

By Rob Mercer, senior regional director

At Ashley Finance, our strapline – “problem solved” – is at the heart of what we do. We like to find a way to say ‘yes’ to funding businesses when others say ‘no’. With nearly 25 years of experience, our range of products cover all bases to address a variety of financial needs.

Our team don’t just provide funding to businesses that need it; we help to solve problems. It’s what we’re all about. We’ve seen first-hand the positive effects that solving cash flow pressures can have on a business – whether it’s peace of mind, providing more breathing space or simply relieving constant stress.

My team and I are firm believers that business owners should not have to dread the thought of applying for funding. Difficult questions or paperwork requesting years of backdated operational evidence can make every business, regardless of its financial situation, feel uncertain and sometimes worried during the process.

Our recent research showed that 73% of SMEs find the application process for funding to be overly “long and painful”. It’s for this reason that we aim to provide a quick turnaround on applications, with minimum fuss. We also know that business is never plain-sailing and a financial blip isn’t a precursor to failure; that’s why we look for the positives in every business we deal with.

I like to think a constructive, collaborative approach when addressing both client and broker needs is key. Working together can give businesses the reassurance they so often need. A funding partner with a flexible, personal touch can help them figure out the cash flow solution that will meet all their different financial needs. That’s where Ashley comes in.

Whether it’s a bridging or business loan or invoice finance, it’s fast, tailor-made solutions that we specialise in. Being quick off the mark can make all the difference. We understand that businesses can often find themselves under pressing time constraints, needing the funds now, not later.

In a recent example, a sports supplement company we worked with were looking for a business loan to boost working capital and fund the purchase of specialist catering equipment. My team spent time with the client to get a full understanding of their business and their needs.

We presented the different funding options available to them and the business decided a tailored solution that combined products was the best option. We provided an invoice finance facility, as well as a business loan of £10,000. This bespoke combination of products solved both problems immediately and gave the business the chance to achieve the growth it desired.

The Ashley team are experienced, passionate and sympathetic in their approach to funding, helping businesses that are struggling to find the right solutions to their cash flow problems. Making sure a business is working with the right funding partner is crucial to profitability. So, whether it’s relieving them of financial pressures, bringing them back from the brink of failure or helping them rise from the ashes, we’ll help to solve the problem by saying ‘yes’.