Taking shape

By Norman Chambers, managing director at the NACFB

Following on from your feedback I am keen to continue to relay and communicate more clearly all the things we are doing on your behalf to make your boat go faster. So, here again, I’m using this platform to outline some of the key items that the team and I have been working hard on recently, alongside some of the headlines from July.

NACFB survey: help shape the Association’s upcoming events
As we look ahead to our autumn series of events we are keen to ask you, our Members, for feedback on the types of events that you would like to see in 2018 and beyond. To help us develop our next series of events we are asking you to complete a short, one-minute survey to share your experiences to date and any suggestions you may have for future topics and content. You can complete the survey via this link and if you want to discuss our events programme further you can speak with our new events manager, Claire Luckhurst via Claire.Luckhurst@NACFB.org.uk

Introducing the NACFB Patrons Charter
We are pleased to introduce the NACFB Patrons Charter. The Charter, produced in consultation with lenders, outlines the professional expectations that come with NACFB patronage. The objective of the Charter is to formally recognise that the aim of any collaboration between NACFB brokers and Patrons is to maintain and promote business relationships for the mutual benefit of client firms. You can read full details of the Charter online here.

NACFB Expo: watch the 2018 highlights video
It seems like only yesterday, doesn’t it? But it’s been nearly month since the NACFB’s Commercial Finance Expo. We’ve tried to bottle the atmosphere and capture the frenzy of the day in our highlights video which you can watch online here. See if you can spot yourself or one of your team in the footage! Commencing countdown until #CFE2019 – there’s only 11 months to go…

NACFB & FLA joint statement – GDPR and the broking process
The NACFB has issued a joint statement with The Finance & Leasing Association outlining a unified interpretation of how the broking process is impacted by GDPR. The statement, from two of the largest and most established trade bodies operating in the commercial finance sector, confirms a consistent and allied interpretation of GDPR, specifically on the implementation and use of privacy notices. The joint statement has been arrived at after consulting Members, lenders and the regulator, and forms part of ongoing efforts by both Associations to safeguard the interests of Members. You can read the full statement online here.

Video: navigating NACFB Compliance
Nicholas Murphy, NACFB compliance officer, invites all Members to explore the subscriber area within the NACFB Compliance portal. From here you can easily access a wide range of Member benefits, including our document library, filled with a number of templates ready for use within your business set-up. For those Members that have a question they need clarity on, head on over to the expansive Knowledge Base. Finally, for completing your CPD and mandatory modules, make your way to the training & education section of the subscriber area to access MyNACFB.

Wake up with the NACFB Morning Briefing
We have had over three full months of NACFB Morning Briefing – thank you to those who have made use of it so far. We will continue to provide this news round-up as a benefit of membership exclusively to NACFB Members and Patrons. If you want your colleagues to opt in to the daily distribution you can do so by emailing Kieran at kieran.jones@nacfb.org.uk – and if you are an NACFB Patron seeking to share your latest news and updates through the service you can reach the team via the same address.

I encourage all NACFB Members to get the most from their membership. If you would like more information on how you can access all the benefits that come with NACFB membership, please don’t hesitate to call our office on 020 7101 0359.

Thank you for your continued support.